save for nat

how to
save for nat download YouTube videos.

First off, you probably don’t have to.

It’s very simple to share videos
from YouTube or almost any

video sharing site, even Facebook.

They provide all sorts of embed
codes or URLs that you can

share via texting or on other
websites, but you probably

have your reasons why you
need a local copy of a video

you’ve seen online.

Who are we to judge?

So go right ahead.

We’re going to show you how to do it.

First, you need to pick a
software product or service that

you really like that you
think is going to do the job.

We have many that we
recommend, right in our story,

“How to Download YouTube Videos.”

Second, find the video itself
over on YouTube or whatever

service you’re going to
use, and then copy the URL.

It’s that simple.

Take that URL, paste it
into the software or service

of choice and the software
service will do the work for you.

It’ll do a conversion as
it downloads the video

and will probably give it
to you in a slightly lower

resolution, which is the
price you pay for free.

If you’re willing to pay
for it, you can probably get

something a little higher in quality.

Once you’ve got it, you
can store it locally

and do whatever you like with it.

Preferably don’t share
it with too many people.

You’re just taking money out
of the pockets of the creators

who made the video.

Good luck with your downloads.

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