Block CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin vs WEB3

Block CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin vs WEB3 BTC by BitcoinMagazine

In this Bitcoin Magazine Live interview, host Alex McShane and Mark Goodwin discuss Block CEO Jack Dorsey’s recent Twitter storm against Web3 and the scammers seeking to ride on Bitcoin’s coattails.

In this episode of FedWatch, Ansel Lindner and Alex McShane talk Bitcoin, Ansel’s Macro Outlook for the near term, as well as his background and the mental shift from the Keynesian Economic standard he grew up under to the Austrian Economics standard world outlook that most Bitcoiners adopt. They also discuss the Evergrande Default, Jerome Powell, inflation, and more!

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TrevorBalthrop The end of Jack Dorsey’s companies is here. If you’re too attached to your Twitter now? You’re gonna have a bad time 😘
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